I liked this book but I wasn’t blown away by it but I think maybe my expectations were set too high. From the offset the book is very funny and for me the points around why I would be turning to the book were spot on. I was agreeing out loud with things Mark Manson said and laughing out loud.

The book kind of lost me in the second half of it. Some of the points surrounding how we should aim to be wrong or focus on being wrong really annoyed me. I think its more the wording of what Mark is trying to say. I found it at times to be quite a negative experience although I am sure Mark would say that we should focus on the negatives instead of the positives, I understand that view however again for me its not coming through in the right way.

Its worth a read you will get useful information from it especially when Mark talks about Action → Inspiration → Motivation which for me was one of the most important lessons as I do struggle with motivation.

In closing a good read frustrating at times.