Occasionally I forget to take/order my Citalopram. Part of me says ‘well you don’t need it anyway so it won’t hurt waiting to get some more’. Its stupid really. I feel horrendous. You can maybe get away with it for 2-3 days but day 4-5… I guess it starts to rinse out of the system and quite rapidly. The half-life of Citalopram is 35 hours. So 35 hours without taking it your body has flushed it out by half. That can depend on other factors for example drinking alcohol can increase the time it takes to flush it.

Coming off
I am fully aware that you should wean yourself off Citalopram over a long period. I think theres a ratio if you’re on it for a year its probably wise to spend a year coming off.  If you go on Citalopram you should try and make sure you review it with your Doctor to make sure its working for you. If there is a desire to come off, discuss this with your Doctor. They will help you formulate a plan of how to reduce and eventually come off.

Sitting here now I can totally see why slow reduction is the preferred method. Normally day 2-3 without it I start to notice my temper or irritability. I become snappy things piss me off easily I get up in my own face about everything. I become more negative about lots of issues..ironically that negativity can be positive I can get laser focused about something. This time I’m super annoyed about putting weight on so I will hit the gym as hard as possible. Sometimes that laser focus can become an issue it tunnels the vision. Thats where having practised meditation helps I am able to have a word with myself;

“Hey dude lets just calm down here a second are we getting too hyped, too transfixed maybe even obsessed so much so its all you’re thinking about. Take a step back watch the waves don’t jump in the water and start chasing one, you’re probably going to get wiped out by the one behind you”

Physical withdrawal
Days 4-5-6-7 start rocking up and it becomes physical for me, dizziness, nausea, slight panics or mini anxiety bursts, at first I go straight for somethings wrong with me, I’m ill, or I haven’t eaten enough, low blood sugar whatever, thats normally the moment I realise damn I have messed up here by leaving it this long. The good thing is now I understand I feel that way because of the manner in which I have withdrawn from the medication. Its not because my default setting is those feelings and without medication I cannot be normal….I can master those triggers but its still horrible. I don’t like feeling that way on or off medication.

Its important to view it as NOT a shut up and take your medication you will feel fine… as I know even when taking medication I can have depression or the more prevalent one for me anxiety. This is more of a lets do this properly, lets go about it in the right manner if you’re on the meds you’re on them no messing about.  If you want to come off conduct it in a sensible way. Now to start practising what I am preaching… off to pick up my prescription and get back on top.