Outstanding!! Hands down the best book I have ever read/listened to so far.

I would highly recommend grabbing the audio-book as its done in a kind of podcast/radio fashion so between chapters (and sometimes during) Adam (Ghost writer/Narrator) and David Goggins talk about the book and there are some hidden gems in there.

This book isn’t going to be for everyone and thats not the books fault it’s because people out there who are comfortable and cruising through life running at 40% as David sets out in his 40% rule. They don’t want to hear the truths put down in this book because its raw and makes you look inwardly at yourself, makes you question yourself. Some people I know for a fact find that impossible to-do and I am one of them but it’s how you react to it that counts. You can get offended and brush it all off as well whatever or you can get to work.

I have read many books similar to this self-help through someones life story, but nothing comes even close to how good this book is. David takes you through his harrowing at times life but throughout the book there is the undercurrent of technique and life lessons. Almost every story you can draw on it from your own life. At the start of the book he’s keen to make sure you realise its not about David Goggins it’s about you and your journey. When I finished this book I got straight to work on the challenges. I think that says a lot of about this book. Its not motivating thats the wrong word you don’t think well I am going to run through brick walls you think damn I need to take control, I need to use some his tools to make me the hero of my own story.

Thank you David Goggins for this book. I just ordered a hard copy because this is something I need on my shelf ready to dip into.

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