Hey yo,

My name is G.

Welcome to my blog. I won’t say much about myself here as this is about you and about your journey. This blog is merely a collection of experiences and the tools I use to try and get on top of my mind. I hope its useful for you and you can gain something from it. I started this blog because someone said I had a story to tell I had a way of talking about mental health that could hopefully really help some folks out. For more about that story see my blog here

I see dealing with mental health as just having this toolbox now some people might just have a few tools. Maybe its running that helps you? or maybe yoga or even a coffee with that special friend. Or maybe like me you need an entire war-chest of tools an armoury. From meditation to journalling to specialised techniques to deal with certain situations like flying. Hey its about whatever works for you so stick around have a read, there could be some new tools you want to sling in that box.